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Lambousa /Lapta
Lambousa (formerly Lapithos, Lapathos or Lapethos) is located on the northern coast. The earliest traces of settlement date back to 3,000 BC. Later, Phoenecians, Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines sonsecutively inhabited the ancient city, which antique sources mention among the kingdoms of Cyprus. The city assited Alexander of Mecedonia in in his conquest of Tyre. During the Roman Empire, Leapethos' population exceeded 10,000. Earhtenware and copper procession constituted the main pillars of its wealth until the 3rd Century BC. In was in these times that the city was named "Lambousa". Lambousa was a stopover for the apostles Paul, Barnanbas and Mark. The city's last independent ruler surrendered to the Ptolemy in 312 BC.

It's antique treasures are dispersed among musuems around the world.