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Churches of St. Evlalios & St. Evlambios
The churches of St. Evlalios and St. Evlambios are situated on the Lambousa peninsula in Alsancak, near Kyrenia.

The 16th century church of St. Evlalios was dedicated to the first bishop of Lambousa and built on the remains of an even older church. St. Evlambios and was erected in Franco-Byzantine style by Archbishop Neophytos. It also dates back to the 16th century and obviously was once part of a much larger complex.

The inside of St. Evlambios is peculiar: its rock chapel is made of an ancient quarry which was carved from a single block of limestone. It was turned into catacombs in the late Roman period. The body of Evlambios, a martyr, was also buried there.

In 1902 a number of silver and gold objects from the Byzantine period were discovered here and have become known as the Lambousa Treasure. The objects might date back to the years 627 to 630 and were presumably buried in order to protect them from the frequent Arab raids. The findings were distributed to various museums, including the Medieval Museum in Limassol, the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the British Museum in London.