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Church of St. Fanourios
St. Falourios is overlooking the sea from a rock in the village of Karaoglanoglu, small, charming and well preserved. The legend says it was built exactly at the point where its eponym fell while climbing the steep cliffs and died. Near the church there were some rough steps down the cliff. Until recently, you would not have noticed them unless their scarce remnants were pointed out to you. However, they have been repaired and completed with a handrail. If you follow them down you will reach the door to a chapel that was built into a cave.

Unlike most Orthodox churches in Northern Cyprus, St. Fanourios still is an active place of worship.

In the caves around the church fossil bones of the dwarf hippopotamus were found. There is a story that says when the first of these bones were discovered, locals mistook them for St. Fanourios' and ground them up for use as medicine.