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Catalköy: Ayios Epiktitos Vrysi
Vrysi is located on a headland at Ayios Epiktitos/Catalköy, east of Kyrenia. Its settlement began in 4750 BC and lasted until it was abandoned after the 3000 BC earthquake.

The first housings consisted of simple underground dwellings beneath the rocks, made of basic materials such as timber, bark and leaves. Later settlers built stone houses that rose from half-way below ground level. Additionally, mud was used for construction and the walls were plastered with clay on the exterior and the interior side. Floor mats, a hearth, a stone bench, rudimentary storage appliances and lamps furnnished these windowless homes. The youngest buildings of the site are partly built entirely above ground level.

In Vrysi the earliest evidence of pottery in Cyprus was found, along with the oldest traces of textile production. Other remains indicate that the inhabitants could well have been the first skilled horticulturists and maybe even the first winegrowers of the island.