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Antiphonitis Church
Antiphonitis - meaning "the Responding (Christ)" - is romantically hidden in the sylvan slopes of the seaward Pentadaktylos above Esentepe. Once the centre of a monastery, the church dates back to the 12th century and was built by initiative of a monk from Asia Minor. Some elements were added during the 15th century. The church's dome is supported by eight pillars, four of which are integrated into the walls. It is understood that Antiphonits is the last existing church of this style in Cyprus.

Walls, pillars, and the dome show many well preserved colourful frescoes. Their majority date from the 15th century's additions, some from the time of the church's erection: the Virgin Blachernitissa flanked by Gabriel and Michael, St. Paul on the lower end of the columns, and, on the South-West wall of the nave, a blue-hooded St. Anthony and a baptism scene.