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Cape Apostolos Andreas
Cape Apostolos Andreas, known as Zafer Burnu, is the easternmost point of Cyprus'. Beyond the uninhabited Klidhes Islets just upstream of it, the Mediteranean stretches out to its eastern boundaries. Visitors reach the cape following a roughly five kilometers long, donkey-patrolled dirt road from the Apostolos Andreas Monastery.

Cape Apostolos Andreas was the site of the Neolithic settlement known as Kastros. It dates to the 6th millenium BC. Between 1970 and 1973, Frenchman Alain Le Brun led three excavation campaigns here which discovered roundish houses of less than three meters in diameter, basic household tools, a burial plot, as well as pits presumably used for food preparation by means of fire. The site has remained without protection or further exploration since 1974, largely covered by the base of two flagpoles set up here in 2005.

As for the donkeys along the way, beware. They are not neccessarily half-tame as those begging for goodies around the Apostolos Andreas monastery. Read body language, keep your car's window closed enough to avoid donkey-snouts entry.