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Apostolos Andreas Monastery
The humble Apostolos Andreas monastery is situated at the north-eastern tip of the Karpaz peninsula. According to tradition, Andrew, one of Jesus of Nazareth's early apostles, hit a rock with his staff here and a spring of healing water gushed from it.

Probably due to this legend, the site became an important pilgrimage destination for ages, at times tagged the "Lourdres of Cyprus". In the Middle Ages, it was supposedly in the monastery of Apostolos Andreas where Cyprus' ruler Isaac Komnenos surrendered to Richard I of England.

The current complex consist of edifices from the 18th and 19th century. Still today, the monastery is a place of reverence for both, Turkish and Greek Cypriots. .

Following the Turkish campaign in 1974, most of the Greek Cypriots in the area moved to the Island's South, only few stayed in Dipkarpaz. For 30 years, only ocaasionally pilgrims visited the monastery, but since the opening of the frontier-crossing points, visitors' numbers are increasing.